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Farage and Trump. The only thing that these guys have in common is populism. Both defeat opponents by dismissing them as corrupt elites and position themselves as the true representatives of 'ordinary people'.

There is no doubt that Farage has had a major impact not only on UK politics but now on the future direction of the country. It is curious, is it not, that on the dawn of his new day he fled for the exit like some malicious school boy who has burnt down the school. How much damage Trump can do remains to be seen.

Of course these guys are far from alone. Cynical politicians exploiting broad disaffection amongst electorates can be seen at work across the globe. Edgron in Turkey, Putin in Russia, Le Pen in France, Hofer in Austria, Adams in Ireland, the list could go on.

In some cases, these populists have wielded power long enough to do serious damage to their countries. Think of the ruin Mugabe has wrought in Zimbabwe or the late Chavez in Venezuela.

The seemingly inevitable failure of these populist politicians when and if they achieve power is never their own fault. No, as representatives of the 'real people' failing populists governments will point to the continued machinations of the shadowy elites, operating behind the scenes to thwart the interests of 'the people.

Trump has started this already "the only way we can lose, in my opinion, I really mean this, Pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on." His encouragement to his supporters to sign up as election observers smacks of election day goon squads.

Why does any of this bother me? Because, ultimately populism descends to some form of Nazism. Look at what is happening in Egypt if you doubt me.

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